Campus vs Online Counseling Schools

Getting online these days is more a trend than a requirement. Same is the case with getting a degree. Now for example, if one wishes to get a degree in counseling services, then one has two options. One is to do a regular campus course by getting admitted to a school of learning that is registered under a recognized university, and second is to do it online via once again a university. But there are pros and cons to both.

For some, going to a traditional college might look like the best available option to understand the subjects of the course. Going to a campus means that one may attend a regular lecture and may learn from their teachings, have queries answered by experienced lecturers, and have face to face interaction with them. Apart from this, campus schooling is fun in its own way with friends, parties, fests and school outings. All this is something that one does not cherish all through life. Something that one may get to do only when one is in college. With peers around, one also gets to know more about career prospects and get an insight on the available places to apply from compeers and seniors. Such is not the case with online counseling schools.

Here, one has to take the burden to learning and developing a grasp on the subject on his own. There are no peers or professors to help you and give you tasks in person. You may learn one night before your exam or study and throughout the month, the choice is on the part of the learner. The university is only bothered with your performance on the day of the exam and not how and when you learnt. This comes of help to some, especially for those who are already in some kind of work.

Attending a college and maintaining a regular work life might get overbearing for such an individual. College timings might clash with work timings. Also, another big advantage of doing an online course is that one may get hands on experience of the subject by doing a training program or an internship with an experienced professional and get hold of the theoretical studies side by side. Since counseling is one subject where one has to deal with human subjects and solve their personal problems, it requires practical knowledge to a great degree. Therefore, assisting an experienced counselor who has been working in the field for years may help as soon as the candidate completes his online course. More often than not, individuals have to spend an extra year or two getting exposure to this particular field before he may be eligible for a regular full time job. These years may be saved if one continues with one’s studies and practical experience parallel.

Since several online courses are approved by government, there is no reason as to why one cannot or should not take this course of study. However, the charm of college life is also something not to be missed. It is essential to make choices with care and caution and keep one’s priorities in mind before joining a campus or an online counseling school.



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