Christian Counselor Degree

What is a Christian Counselor?

A Christian counselor, is an individual who has obtained a Christian counseling degree and who counsels or conducts psychotherapy that is fundamentally grounded within the Christian faith and belief system. Christian counseling services are offered by several different types of people who possess different types of education and credentials. Certain individuals find more comfort in Christian counseling as opposed to conventional counseling because their issues and problems will be dealt and solved in a religious context based on the bible’s teachings.

This type of counseling is effective for individuals who have mental health issues and who would like to incorporate their spirituality with the conventional mental health treatment plans. A Christian counselor may have all the professional licensing and follows all state and federal laws pertaining to licensing and certification, however, they may not have specific educational training in theology or even spiritual counseling.

You can earn a Christian counseling degree and receive training in many different types of schools. You will need to research Christian counseling degree schools that are classified as Christian liberal art colleges and/or Christian liberal arts universities that offer counseling and psychology degrees. These schools will offer several theological seminars and even various graduate degrees in counseling. There are also Bible colleges and Bible educational institutes which provide counseling training.*

There are other colleges that offer Christian counseling degree for individuals wanting to become clergy or lay people. Both of these –mental health professionals, clergy and lay people - are able to continuously pursue classes that promote additional training in theology which will help them develop better skills in Christian counseling.*

Here is a guide on how you can become a Christian counselor and obtain a Christian counseling degree:

  • Type of Christian Counselor

You can look for advice on the U.S Department of Labor website for statistics on the employment and salary options that are available in the different realms of Christian counseling. You may want to specialize in addiction counseling; however, that type of counseling may not be marketed or yield a successful career.

  • Seek schools with accreditation

Once you have decided on your study of choice, begin looking for educational facilities that are accredited by or by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Transnational Association of Biblical Colleges and Schools. All these schools and options can be found on a website called Bible

  • Take advantage of past achievements, credits, certifications and transcripts

One you have selected your school and study of choice, you can contact the schools Department of Admissions to check if any of your transcripts, credits and or certifications will be considered for possible transfers. This can possibly help you study in a shorter time frame and save you money.

  • Consider an online class options

Explore options of online classes where possible. If you already have an existing job that you cannot give up even to accommodate your need to go back to school, online classes may be a better way to achieve your Christian counseling degree.


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