A Counseling Course in Art Therapy

Art therapy is often defined as the therapeutic use of making art in a professional relationship by individuals that have had the misfortune of suffering illness, trauma and challenges that cause them erratic degrees of dysfunction in their livelihood*.

In essence, an art therapy course may be beneficial for individuals that are heeding personal development by creating art, through reflection of their art work as well as the process of making art. An Art therapy course may help individuals increase self-development awareness.

An Art therapy course enables people to stabilize their state and successfully go through counseling that helps them deal with trauma, challenges and stressful situations. The Art therapy learning process is enriched by creating art and the fulfillment of art making leads to self-awareness increment, possession of cognitive abilities and finally definition of life-affirming pleasures of making art*.

How Art Therapy Works

Art therapy creates a sense of self-realization that is mostly lost in the older patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other patients that are suffering from mental illness. Art therapy is form of counseling that fills where there is lack of sense of self and sensory stimulation.

The course and self-realization is proven through use of any and all uses of art materials, skills that include; sculpture, painting, collage or water color. Collage creates the sense of placing things back together and brings connectedness*.

Art therapy helps the patient bridge the communication gap due to the fear or anxiety a person goes through. Art therapy is used by counselors to help inmates address their anger, face their fears and blurt out their resentments*.

 The Art therapy sessions may help to improve a person’s mental health and well-being. The process is based on the belief that artistic expression helps people to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, and reduce stress. It may be used with a variety of people, such as children with learning disabilities, adults with severe stress, and individuals who have experienced a brain injury. The focus is more about the inner experience one feels rather than on the outside world**.



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