Counseling: Specializing in Childhood Development

There are many different branches of counseling, and childhood development is one that deals with the mental health of young children. A counselor that works within this specific field will study how the mind of a child works and what the behaviors of a child can signal. Child development is a type of counseling field that is very broad and has many different specialties. A counselor working in the field of childhood development will deal with how a child matures physically, emotionally and mentally. This type of counseling profession is challenging, but it is also highly rewarding helping children on a daily basis.

What Stages?

When you are a counselor specialized in child development, you often work with children of all ages. This means that you work with children from prenatal development all the way to adolescence. Some counselors in this branch of psychology often specialize with certain age groups, but you must know the typical development growth patterns for children of all ages.

Child Development Is Different

In the past, children were often viewed as simply miniature adults, but over time new theories have developed on the developmental patterns of children. Children are incredibly complex and unique, which requires the expertise of a counselor especially trained in child development. This type of counseling deals with the understanding of the internal and external factors that affect how a child develops and grows. This involves relationships and how culture has an impact on children as well.

Social Child Development

This branch of child development deals with the importance of relationships to a child. Peers and family members can have a tremendous impact on how a child thinks and acts. Social context is at the forefront of child development and a counselor works with a child to help deal with the social factors that affect their development.


Another extenuating factor that has a huge impact on child development is education and the household that a child grows up in. Counselors in this specific field have to know the socioeconomic context of a child’s upbringing and work with children dealing with these types of issues.


Almost all counselors are specialized in some type of field and child development counselors are no different. These types of counselors spend their education learning how children react and how they develop based on both external and internal factors. This type of counseling field is very popular and needed in today’s society.


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