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If you have ever aspired to become a counselor you should know that there is a big commitment that is needed to become a license and certified counselor in your field or industry of choice. Researching what your state requirements are in order to qualify to be a counselor is vital. Researching schools and institution entry requirements as well as course fees will give you an indication of what it will take to accomplish this goal. Once you have gathered all this information, the final and most important thing is to know what a counselor at an entry level position can earn as well as a counselor who is at the peak of his or her career.

Finding out what a counseling salary figure range is, will determine how you will be able to support yourself as well as pay off your debt from school loans and other training fees and exams. This is to know what your investment in studying for an average of six years will yield in real life. To be able to understand what salaries a counselor can make we will have to break down the most common type of counseling professions available and what their counseling salary is for that particular position:

  1. Counseling psychologists

This is the most common of the professionals in the counseling industry. A psychologist’s level of education is normally between a bachelors and master’s degree. Most common counseling practices are in clinical, general, marriage and drug and rehab fields. National average counseling salary of psychologists is $67,650 annually, which equates to $32.53 an hour. *

  1. Genetic counselors

Genetic counselors are a specialized form of counseling that requires a high level of Biology, mathematics, sociology and anthropology. Genetic counselors achieve an education level of a master’s degree or higher. National average counseling salary of a genetic counselor is $56,800 annually, which equates to $27.31 hourly.*

  1. Mental Health Counselors

This type of counseling ranks in as third and can be one of the most skilled and detailed form of behavioral counseling. Common practices of mental health counseling are in correctional facilities, social case worker, mental health therapists and counselors, as well as a behavior support specialist. Mental health counselors on average achieve an education level of a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.  On average a mental health counseling salary is from $40,080 annually, which equates to 19.27 an hour.

  1. Credit Counseling

A credit counselor’s role is an important part of today’s society. These counselors are responsible for educating individuals and financial institutions on their financial status. Many employment agencies consider hiring a credit counselor with an education level of some college and a bachelor’s degree. You can earn a counseling salary of $39,420 which equates to $18.95 an hour.

  1. Education, Guidance, School and Vocational Counselors

You typically find this classification of counselors in academic and scholastic settings. Counseling in this field gives you the responsibility of providing guidance to individuals trying to make important life choices. Average counseling salary ranges from $53,610 annually, which equates to $25.77 an hour.*


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