Credit Counselor Job Description

There are many issues in life that people need assistance with. A credit counselor is a specialized counselor that works with individuals requiring assistance to get their finances in order. This type of counselor is specialized and has specific education requirements. Not only does a credit counselor help individuals get their finances in order, but this type of counselor also helps to educate about debt and offer strategies for getting bills and debt under control. If it deals with finances in some sort of way, it is most likely relevant to the job description of a credit counselor.

Career Path Defined

This career involves looking at a person’s finances to help them gain a more desired footing. This involves wealth building, bill management, budgeting and debt resolution. Each financial scenario is different for every person, which means that this type of counselor must be versatile. Many credit counselors are often employed by agencies that are designed to help people deal with their financial issues. Some are even bank employees with a focus on finance counseling. This means that a credit counselor can seek employment in various settings.


The education requirements for a credit counselor range, but are often monitored and regulated by lending laws. Most agencies looking to hire a credit counselor often require a bachelor’s degree education with a focus in either business or economics. It is also vital to obtain experience in the field of finance before gaining a position as a credit counselor. In some cases, it is also required to obtain specific certification.

Skill Set

The skills that are needed of a credit counselor are varied. Effective communication skills are incredibly important and it is also vital to have a working knowledge of finance software programs. It is possible however to learn all of the skills necessary to this position during your education or certification process.

 Job Prospects

This career path is growing as more and more individuals work to get themselves out of debt. The recent financial crisis has made this career option more popular and more essential. The median salary of a credit counselor in the US is $39,420*, but more education and experience often results in a higher wage.


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