Day in the Life of a Mental Health Counselor

If you would like to become a counselor, you may have some questions that need answering before pursuing a degree in this field. One of the most common questions is what a day in the life of a counselor looks like. In this article, we will talk about considerations that must be made for each different position that may shape your day. We will also talk about what other counselors have shared with us. Lastly, we will talk about why one might choose to be a counselor.


A counselor may not just work in a clinic. Counselors can work in hospitals, clinics, school environments, private practices, or even from home. You may work in a recovery center for drug addicts, or even with couples trying to save their marriage. The type of specialized counseling work you choose will greatly impact where you practice.* A mental health counselor will most likely be working in a hospital, clinic, or private practice. But keep in mind that work in other environments is not at all unheard of for a mental health counselor.

What You Can Expect

A day in the life of a mental health counselor normally starts with some sort of daily routine to help these professionals prepare for the day ahead. Sometimes this entails spending time with loved ones.* Other times, it may include meditation.* The reason this “settling,” time is so important is so that you can focus on your work throughout the day. Expect to spend the rest of your day working with patients and staff. Unexpected questions, situations, and challenges may arise while seeing patients. You will want to be able to meet those challenges. You may also have designated days for research and conferences.*

Why Choose This Career

Becoming a counselor can be both heart wrenching and a great joy.* If you can really understand and sympathize with the plight of others, and also want to make a real difference, this may be a great job for you. For lifelong learners, a position as a counselor affords them opportunities to do research, learn about emerging technologies and developments in the field, and more. Being a counselor may also help you to secure a better paying and steadier line of work that is in great demand. If you own your own practice, you may also be able to have lots of control over your own schedule.


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