Florida Counseling License

Every person wants to think of themselves as being good, moral individuals. Some people find that service to others is the way to live a fulfilling life. For some, their profession provides them with stable work, pay, and a way to help others. Many of these people are known as counselors.

Counselors serve a range of functions in society, helping every kind of person work out their problems and improve their life. Counseling can be a challenging and rewarding career, where you as the counselor work closely with people. If you are interested in counseling, the first thing you should do is look up the requirements. Every state has a different set of requirements regarding what makes a person a counselor.

If you live in Florida and you are thinking of becoming a counselor, then there are some things you should know. Provided below is a short guide to what you will need to know and do in order to work in this exciting and fulfilling field.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

Helping others as a counselor requires that you first have the proper educational background. This begins with an undergraduate degree in related topics. Then, the Florida counseling certification board requires you complete a graduate program accredited by CACREP.*1 This includes doing field work or getting experience through your university as well.*1 In addition, you must take courses in rules and laws, as well as medical error prevention. 


After education comes practical experience. Due to the impact counseling can have on people’s lives; every person interested in counseling must first go through an internship process through which practical work experience is gained. This includes sending an internship application to the CACREP board, along with all other necessary information.*1 The internship will provide you an opportunity to learn the ropes, as well as have supervised practice. Acquiring enough hours of supervised practice will allow you to end the internship process and move on to the examination.


With counseling in Florida, an examination is required to become licensed.  With over 170 testing centers across the state, Florida provides ample places for you take the examination. If you pass, approval usually takes four weeks.*1

Counseling is a challenging job requiring true caring and commitment to patients.  In addition, it requires getting an education and working hard. Though this may be challenging, the end result will be a better counselor more able to help those truly in need.


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