Getting Certified as a Counselor

Becoming a certified counselor adds to the profession and also may give you enormous growth opportunities. Several counseling students practice without getting certification. Certification becomes mandatory if you want to opt for a job because several institutions ask for a certification from a premier certification body. Some people question what the need of certification is. To answer that, a certification implies that the certified person is checked and he or she fulfils the requirements to get this certificate. It also helps in branding about their subject matter expertise backed by a certificate.

Getting certified is a turning point in life of a counselor because it adds value to the profession. There are different types of counselors, and getting a certification depends on the type of courses already done by the counselor. There are a lot of bodies which certify counselors, for example, NBCC and ACA. Each certification is different in each kind; it should fulfill the requirements of the certifying body. Here we take example of National Certified Counselors which gives certification one should follow the following steps to get certified*:

One may apply online for certification, and requirements depend on the type of certification you want. Once you fill the appropriate form, it should be mailed to the required body then one has to pass National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) which is an exam for counselors who want certification. NBCC offers certification in three domains, which are clinical mental health counselor, National Certified school counselor, and Master Addictions Counselor. All these certifications are not just the certifications but include several other benefits like networking, insurance, advertisement etc. These benefits which come along certification help a counselor in his or her profession**.

State laws play a very crucial role in setting requirements for certified counselors. School counselors, mental health counselors, rehabilitation, marriage and family, and substance abuse counselors all require at least a master’s degree and a license to practice. It also depends on the kind of certification required. Different certifications ask for different kind of degrees and courses to be done. Most of the certifications have their own test and check other requirements. In case one wants to become a specialist, his semester hours credited are checked which entitle him to get a certification. This certification is a proof that the counselor has his subject matter expertise which helps him grow in his or her career***.



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