How to become an Army Mental Health Specialist

The qualities that a mental health specialist possesses include both counselling and social work skills. A mental health specialist works with people who have mental illness or have problems with substance abuse. The mental health worker collaborates with other mental health professionals to provide the patient with effective treatment.

Mental Health specialists are employed in rehabilitation centres, hospital clinics, correctional facilities and nursing homes. In the US Army, the Mental Health Specialist works under the direct supervision of a licensed mental health professional. Examples of licensed mental health professionals include psychiatrists, psychologist or a social worker.

The mental health specialist has many duties and responsibilities. These responsibilities include providing counselling services and casework services to patients. The mental health specialist also assesses patients and views their mental status. Assessing a patient’s mental health includes interviewing them and observing their behaviour. After assessing the mental status of a patient the mental health specialist is able to establish a treatment plan. Some patients are referred to other specialists to receive the appropriate treatments for their conditions. In the case of patients who are a danger to themselves or to others, a mental health specialist offers crisis intervention services to keep them from harming themselves or others. Another major duty of a mental health specialist is to monitor the progress of the patients and keep track of his mental status. A mental health specialist should ensure that they keep written records of his patients.

 A mental health specialist is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology or in a related area. A mental health specialist should also have experience in working with mental health patients. When employed by the Army, a mental health specialist undergoes nine weeks of basic training and 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training. In addition to being instructed regarding patient care and medical emergency, the trainees also learn basic soldiering skills. A good mental health specialist should have good communication skills and basic CPR and First Aid skills. They should be trust worthy and adhere to the principle of doctor patient confidentiality.

In conclusion, a mental health specialist is very handy in an army. They help soldiers to deal with health and psychological problems that are for the most part inevitable in the line of duty.


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