How to Become a Child Abuse Counselor

One of the jobs in the field of those who are trained in Psychology and/or Counseling is that of Child Abuse Counselor, and it is an extremely delicate job which requires a qualified professional who is capable of handling the stress and strain of the job*.

Child Abuse Counselor:

Abused children may deal with a number of problems, most of them emotional, and as they pass into adulthood their difficulties increase and hence arises the need for a counselor who is qualified. Child Abuse Counselors work with kids as young as 2 years up to teens until they pass into adulthood in the hopes that working with these children may help them to develop into functioning and healthy adults.

Career overview:

Child Abuse Counselors work in varied settings like private clinics, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, child care facilities and more. The major task involves studying the children and trying to establish a trust or bond with children so that they may understand the abuse the child has gone through and then find out ways to alleviate the problem. Along with having good communication with the children, the counselors have to have good rapport with the parents or guardians, constantly updating them about the progress of their charges.                                       

Duties of a Career Counselor:

A child abuse counselor has a number of duties including talking and undergoing therapies with the children, including play therapies which use puppets, toys and other objects to help ease the children into revealing the abuse they underwent. Then the counselor plans treatment methods which may be long processes with setback and other hurdles which the counselor has to explain to his clients. Other duties include creating support and service groups which help the abused children to develop under the guidance of peers*.

Educational Requirements:

One may have to major in Psychology before they may be qualified to be a Counselor. But the distinguishing factor between a psychologist and counselor is in graduate school. A student may major only in psychology during his undergraduate years and move on to studying counseling psychology during graduate school. The undergraduate degree requires good high school grades with recommendations and for graduate school standardized test scores, college transcripts, recommendations, and a thesis**.

Work environment:

The work environment of the child abuse counselors is mostly in clinics and children friendly zones. Typically, the counselors are suited to work in a soothing environment which puts the children at ease and open up about their problems. But when the children are a non-responsive, the counselors have to plan accordingly and take different approaches.

Career Outlook:

If you are a person who feels that your calling is helping with young adults and children, this may be a suitable job for you. You may be able to shape the minds of children who need help and are in emotional pain. There is a great demand for such counselors in schools and clinics, and thus there is a good outlook for this job. The salaries provided for this job includes approximately $45,000 and above***.

The job of a child abuse counselor requires professional skills and highly qualified individuals.



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