How to Become a Grief Counselor

Grief is an emotion which is common for humans and animals. If you are an empathetic person who can help with other’s grief then a career as a grief counselor may be the best choice. Humans feel devastating emotions like grief and depression in losing loved ones and pets. These emotions can render people helpless and hence counselors can do a lot of help in this way.


Grief Counselor:


Grief counseling is also a form of bereavement counseling which is used to counsel and comfort to individuals. They are mental health professionals who help people cope with the loss of loved ones from their life like family members, friends, lovers, pets and more. Grief counseling help people cope with the mourning process and also alleviate the sadness*.

Career Overview:

If one cannot get over his grief in a normal period of time and finds his grief hindering his daily life, like relationship problems, depression and other hurdles, a grief counselor steps in to help reduce the grieving period. It is the job of Grief counselor to aid the individual in accepting the loss of the person instead of forgetting it. The various stages during depression include Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. The grief counselor may work with their patients until they reach the stage of acceptance and finally move on with their lives**.

Duties of a Grief counselor:

There are people with grief who come with a lot of emotional stress to a Grief counselor and hence the qualified counselor focuses on getting the person ready to move on. The most common method involved is ‘active listening’ which is when the grief counselor does more listening than talking. The counselor works with the individual and lets him talk about emotions and feelings and after a period he proposes ways to overcome the grief. The counselors develop methods and strategies to help deal with grief and also other emotional problems like anger, depression, suicidal thoughts**.

Educational Requirements:

Some steps and education required to become a successful Grief Counselor*:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree
  • Earn a Master’s degree
  • Obtain Licensure
  • Obtain Certification
  • Continuing Education, Internship, Fellowship

The more a person gains experience with cases, the more his worth as a counselor increases. The bachelor’s degree takes approximately four years and Master’s degree takes two years after completing a bachelor’s degree program.

Work Environment:

The work environment of a Grief Counselor is at places like mental health clinics, hospitals, funeral homes and more. For elderly people dealing with grief, the counselors visit places like retirement facilities, old-care senior centers and more. Sometimes counselors work closely with military personnel to help**.

Salary expectation:

The salary expectation for this job varies depending on each job. The career outlook of this counseling job is good and requires care and attention. The median salary expected may be around $42,000 and varies based on many factors like the number of hours spent, working quality, education, experience and more. There is a high demand for such counselors because of the delicacy of the job**.



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