How to Become a Life Coach

Many people will have noticed that they spend several hours of their lives dealing with the problems of friends and family and offering solutions to their plight. Phone calls, emails, meetings at home or at the dining room restaurant table are just some of the methods used in trying to communicate to someone how they can better their lives. You may also wonder why on earth you are not getting paid any money for doing it.

Your advice may well be sound and your judgment could be correct, but what if you could do this role with complete strangers and forge a career out of it? Being a life coach is the second largest movement in the counselling business in America today. So, where should one start in becoming a life coach, and do you need any formal education up front?

Sure, you will need to show more evidence to potential employers that you have told your youngest Susan how to wait a few years before getting married and develop a career first, or how you explained to Johnny how he should stop eating bad foods and get fitter so he can get ahead in life. Basically, you may need to go to college and get an undergraduate degree, or spend at least four years in university pursuing programs that are tailored for the career of becoming a life coach.

Around half a century ago, it was possible to become a life coach by having a general education diploma or a high school education where you will have graduated with at least a diploma. But 50 years ago we didn't have that many life coaches about and today in the existing world we live in, a life coach is more in demand than it has ever been before.

You may need the basic skills of counseling and psychology if you want to become a first rate life coach. Therefore, getting certified is a very integral part of becoming a life coach. Having that qualification will be the key to you advancing in a career as a life coach and remember, you may have to attend seminars that showcase the different types of life coaching that are out there.

There are many different avenues and paths you may be able to take when becoming a life coach. For example you may want to coach business executives, weight and body management coaching, retirement coaching, or a work-life balance training regime.



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