How to become a military counsellor

Committing months and years to the army can cause a lot of emotional and mental stress. The war and turmoil that the soldiers witness can impact their lives very negatively. They gravely affect the thoughts and actions of these soldiers, especially when returning to civilian life. It becomes difficult for them to relate normally with ordinary people. Studies have proven that veterans are more vulnerable to mental and emotional disorders. To some, the disorders cause severe depression that can lead to suicidal thoughts.

 On the other hand, the families of military persons also suffer a lot. They suffer the loss of being separated from their family as well. There are situations where the family members get grossly affected by this loss. The family members always live in a state of panic and great anguish.

A military counsellor concerns themselves with counselling military personnel and their families. Military personnel require constant psychiatric evaluations, and the military counsellor assesses the soldiers’ mental and emotional state. They also offer counselling services and treatment to these soldiers. A military counsellor also counsels and gives mental and psychological help to family members of the soldiers. They can also help to evaluate the personalities of the soldiers and guides in the allocation of different responsibilities to the soldiers. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the soldiers to move on after witness the loss of their friends at war. A military counsellor helps to counsel the soldiers and help them brace up for war.

 There are many qualifications that have to be met by a person before becoming a military counsellor. Academically, a person has to have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and counselling.  After attaining the degree, they are at liberty to pursue a master’s and a doctorate. After all these, a person must complete a one year internship in the military. They will then be given the liberty to choose the branch in which they wish to seek work in the military.


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