How to Become a Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor is tasked with helping people who have illnesses or disabilities lead as much of a normal life as possible by helping them to achieve certain goals, get through those tough tasks others take for granted, and offer advise and direction that will ultimately help a person become more independent and less cumbersome to society.

Often clients may want to move into their own home, apartment or condo, and others may even want to get a part time job and try to lead as normal life as they possibly can. The role of the rehabilitation counselor is to guide and help a patient reach these dreams and advise accordingly on how the next steps should be taken.

A rehabilitation counselor may need to equip patients with the skills and a clear strategy as to what they need to fulfil their goals in life. This may mean helping someone with a disability or mental health issues to take up a college course, enroll in an apprenticeship, attend a counseling class for recovering alcoholics, attend a clinic for drug addiction or enroll a patient in a class that may improve their chances of getting a job and making their way back into a more normal way of life.

Rehabilitation counselors may also be expected to fight in the corner for those that have disabilities and mental health issues. Public awareness of how social justice can help further the cause of those afflicted with certain conditions should be opened up and the news and should be spread about how we as a society can improve the lot of those with disabilities, mental health issues or physical disablements.

Some may want to seek out a career as a certified rehabilitation counselor, but you may be wondering which educational requirements will be needed. A rehabilitation counselor may need to hold a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling or at least something that is so closely related to rehab and counseling. An example of something associated with rehabilitation counseling is behaviour and health studies, or disability and health improvement studies and such like.

To get your master's degree in rehabilitation counseling, you may need to study for at least two years in an accredited college or university beyond bachelor level. Your course may cover strategy, theory, career development, and how to plan treatment for your patients during their critical stage of recovery and rehabilitation.



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