How to Become a School Guidance Counselor

A school guidance counselor helps students who may have some difficult questions to ask about the careers they would wish to pursue. They play a huge role in the decision making process of high school students and college graduates with regard to career choices. They also help students with many other social problems that they may be going through. Without the services of these counselors, students may not know what to do in the wake of bullying and family problems which affect learning.

In the year 2010, there were approximately 281,400 career counselors in the USA, and 47% of these were working in high schools or elementary schools. As is expected, the work station of this counselor will typically be in learning institutions like elementary or high schools as well as colleges. The US Department of Labor has an approximation that the job demand for school guidance counselors is bound to grow by a rate of 34% till the year 2020. The earnings of school guidance counselors are reasonable. For example in 2010, the median earnings on an annual basis that all school and career counselors made was $53,380**. The employer of the counselor mattered a lot in the amount of money earned by these professionals.

Of course, you will need a sound academic background for you to get the job that you have dreamed about at a learning institution. It is important to remember that your level of education and experience will both play a role in determining your competitiveness in the job market as well as the earnings you can receive. Most employers will look for a person who has a Master’s degree in school counseling with the advantage of career development. The role of working with young people is not an easy one and this is the reason why many schools seek an individual with proper experience and academic qualifications. You do not have to be licensed to get a job as a school guidance counselor. However, this depends on the requirements of the employer and some institutions may need you to have licensing.

To receive this licensing, you may need to get a Master’s degree and complete some stipulated hours working under supervision. There is also a state licensing exam that you will have to pass for you to get the necessary license. The licensing may mean that you have an advantage over other unlicensed counselors in the job market. Depending on the program that you get into, you may need to be involved in a given period of internship to be finally considered capable of taking up active employment.

 A career in school guidance counseling can be a really satisfying experience. To help students overcome social challenges and make good career decisions for their lives is really rewarding. In any case, many such students often keep in touch. To enhance your ability and increase your chances in a competitive job market, it is important to seek continued academic advancement. To make a good counselor, you have to be an empathetic person who is patient in dealing with others.



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