How to Earn a Christian Counseling Degree

The Christian counseling degree is similar to traditional counseling, but in this case the advice offered to people is from a Christian religious perspective. There are numerous religious schools that float the Christian counseling degree course with the main focus on Christianity. It is recommended that the individual attends a course in Christian counseling after graduation. These courses are conducted to train biblically-based and highly dedicated counselors*.

There is a significant requirement for caring, well-trained Christian counselors. Christian counseling is more consistent when compared to secular counseling, as it provides real and practical solutions to the problems that they face. In addition to the Christian counseling degree there are many other courses that are based on Christianity**.

Today, there are many religious schools that offer the Christian counseling degree. These courses are basically designed for the group of people who display essential qualities of wisdom, maturity and skills necessary for excellence in the field of counseling and have a high level of inclination towards Christianity. After obtaining an undergraduate, one may enroll in the Christian counseling degree master’s program. The duration of the Christian counseling degree is one year at most of the institutions that offer these courses. For some basic Christian counseling courses, grade ten or higher is the minimum qualification required***. 

A degree in Christian counseling enables an individual to pursue a great number of different career areas. These Christian counselors work with individuals, small groups and families thus helping them use their own knowledge of psychology and Christian religion. The Christian counseling degree educates the counselors on various other topics, too, thus they may be able to guide people on various other aspects of life. Christian counselors generally work with Christian organizations and churches. The Christian counseling degree is available at a very reasonable cost at several religious schools.

By working as a Christian counselor, one can earn up to $70,000 per year, and it also depends on the number of years of experience and the place where the person is employed. These individuals can works in a private office, church, school, adoption agency, hospital, funeral home and homeless shelters. The Christian counseling degree may also enable the individual to provide family counseling, marriage counseling, addition counseling and depression counseling. A Christian counselor earns almost the same as the secular counselor. The individual is likely to earn the same whether he or she works as a private practice or is self-employed. The Christian counselors derive their guidance from the teachings of the Bible*.



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