How to Earn a Mental Health Counseling Degree

The mental health counseling degree aims to provide clinical training and education to students so that they become licensed mental health professionals. This degree program is designed in such a way that it helps the individuals to develop themselves as counseling professionals who are committed to the development and growth of the people they work with. The students who undergo the mental health counseling degree enable the students to understand the clients in the socio-historical context. The duration of the degree program differs from institution to institution. Mostly the duration is one or two years*.

Mental health counseling brings immense personal satisfaction to the individual and also may have great career opportunities. The mental health counseling degree provides the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the person who undergoes this course. These skills are required to assess and treat mental and emotional disorders and promote optimum mental health. The mental health counselor’s main focus is to guide and help the person who is mentally sick and need help to emerge out of this mental state**.

The mental health counseling degree educates the individual about the various mental health counseling theories and contemporary clinical practice. One can also think and write in the mental health counseling discipline and professional practice. Mental health counselors provide diagnostic and intervention services to a wide variety of clients who want personal and mental counseling. The prerequisite for this course is a graduation degree in any discipline.

The counselors may provide counseling services to adolescents, children and adults. The mental health counseling degree graduates are self-aware counselors and scholars whose learning is enhanced with each passing day and they improve their practice and development***. The occupational requirements for the mental health counselors are expected to increase more than any other occupation. The course is available at a very reasonable cost by all the institutions****.

The jobs that the students of mental health counseling degree may take up is behavior disorder counselor, marriage counselor, family counselor, mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor, vocational counselor, etc. The potential workplace and fields include mental health, educational institutions, private sector firms, health care, criminal justice or management and administration. There is a high demand in the field of mental health services these days. If someone wants to make a career in the mental health field, mental health counseling degree is the ideal course for the individual. Mental health counselors are trained in the principles of positive psychology, counseling, psychotherapy and prevention**.



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