How to Earn a Mental Health Counseling Degree Online

Mental health counselors are medical professionals who provide therapy and other services to patients in a clinical setting. As part of their job, they assess individuals; diagnose mental and emotional problems, offer treatment solutions, and work to mitigate crises when they arise. As one may expect, doing this job requires a substantial amount of education. Fortunately, there are online degree programs available for working professionals that prepare them for the rigors of the job while allowing for them to still work full time and take classes at home*.

A typical mental health counseling degree online is a master's degree that is offered to individuals who already hold undergraduate degrees in related fields such as psychology, sociology, and social work. The graduate degree is generally completed in two years, during which times students take advanced coursework in counseling and complete an internship under the supervision of a faculty member. Online programs are an excellent choice for those who are already working within the field but wish to advance more in their careers by obtaining additional education*. Here are three of the most popular programs available over the internet:

Walden University, MS in Mental Health Counseling

This program is CACREP accredited and designed to foster in students the critical thinking skills necessary to successfully treat a wide range of emotional and mental problems that may be presented to them on a daily basis by patients. By finishing the program, students may sit for the professional licensure exams offered by states as long as they meet other criteria for licensing such as completing their internships. The online coursework focuses on developing practical skills, while internships as well as residencies means that students gain the real world experience they need in order to succeed**.

Capella University, MS in General Mental Health Counseling

This one is also a fully accredited program. The coursework, residences, and required fieldwork may fully prepare students to meet state licensure requirements. Students learn how to take mental health theories learned from textbooks and apply them to real world clinical settings in order to effectively treat patients for a host of maladies.  Common jobs for graduates include being family therapists, substance abuse counselors, and mental health specialists***. 

University of Massachusetts, MS in Mental Health Counseling

UMASS is a school that has a great reputation for not only world-class instruction and faculty, but also the ability to prepare graduates for promising careers. This sixty credit master's degree in mental health counseling allows for students to fully prepare to work in a variety of different clinical settings and other institutions including schools, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and more. The program meets all the requirements necessary to sit for the exam offered through the Massachusetts Board of Allied Health Professions, although students may also take the licensure tests from other states as well****. 



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