Play Therapy Course

Play Therapy courses are a form of counseling course that enables the child and the parent to realize the power of play and effectiveness of using toys in helping children deal with stress and disorders. The play therapy course is effective with persons of every race, age and social economic group.

Play therapy is rapidly becoming popular and is effectively being used as a tool for treatment. While anyone can surf through the net and find plenty of toys that could distract a child temporarily, the play therapy course is founded on a model that states the importance of allowing a therapist help the parent/guardian get the appropriate toy their child wants and needs.

The jury is still out on whether this treatment is considered reflective or directive. Under the direct treatment courses, an active method treatment is taken by the therapist. On the other hand the reflective method facilitates for the client to become the lead during therapy sessions, the therapist takes the role of the mirror of the way the client needs to continue with the treatment. Either way, play therapy is being found to be particularly effective, and its use is still being developed further.

 Unfortunately a majority of models totally disregard the family system, laying focus exclusively on the child. The general assumption being that the child will obviously be playing with other children.  The perfect play therapy course is one that is both pioneering and creative in its application and explores all the potential options available.

A simple search on the web will reveal many perfect play therapy courses and variations that will help both the parent and the child. With the right play therapy course a toy will now be used as an inventive therapeutic that will see the child can find meaning and relevance while playing.

Counselors or therapists organize teachings in the form of play sessions and come with toolkits that provide the client with necessary interventions and assessments required to enhance their playing skills.


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