Reasons to go to Couples Counseling

We all hit bumpy patches in our long term relationships.  But how do you know when you need couples counseling?  This article will break it down. Couples counseling can save a marriage and help remind you why you fell in love and pledged your lives to each other in the first place.  

Why Go

Here are some of the common reasons that people choose couples counseling:

Communication is a Downward Spiral

If the communication between the two of you just goes nowhere and brings both of you down, it’s probably time to bring in a professional who can help you to communicate better and get back to positive communication styles.  You’ll learn new and productive ways of communicating at your counseling sessions.

When you are Like Two Ships in The Night

If it seems like you’re not leading the same life as teammates but rather living two separate lives that you don’t really want to share with each other, it’s definitely time to get some couples counseling.  You didn’t get married so you could have a roommate – you wanted a life partner. 

When there’s Been Infidelity

Whichever spouse chooses to break the sacred marriage vows of fidelity, both of them end up suffering.  This isn’t always a deal breaker, but if it’s happened, or if either of you even considered it, then it’s definitely time for couples counseling to get those issues worked out so that you can move forward in a trusting way.

You’re Staying Together for the Kids

This is almost never a good idea.  Some couples can get through a rough patch and it’s better in the end for the children if the parents are together.  But in the meantime, couples counseling will help you to be able to communicate in a way that means your children won’t be overhearing fights or seeing the vindictive behavior.  Also, if you truly aren’t going to be able to overcome your problems and you have to eventually end the marriage, you’ll be able to do so in a less destructive and more productive way with the help of couples counseling and this is better for everyone, including your children.  The best advice is that you shouldn’t stay together just for the kids because that creates a very difficult environment for children.  However, if you are staying together for other reasons as well, your marriage deserves some additional attention and couples counseling can help you.


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