Rehabilitation Counselor Job Description

There are few professions that have such a direct and important impact on other people’s lives than that of rehabilitation counselor. Working with all sorts of people across socioeconomic and social borders, the rehabilitation counselor can be found in many places, including private practices and even prisons. With significant training born form years of study, the rehabilitation counselor is responsible for handling people and helping them get back on their feet. If you are interested in this profession, then read on for a quick guide.

What Does a Rehabilitation Counselor Do?

Rehabilitation counselors work in insurance companies, government agencies, schools, universities, hospitals, private practices, prisons, and independent living facilities.* Rehabilitation counselors provide help and assistance for people who are suffering from emotional or physical disabilities and want to regain the ability to live their own, independent lives.* This lends itself to responsibilities that occupy can occupy a large range depending on the position.

What are the Responsibilities of a Rehabilitation Counselor?

The responsibilities of a rehabilitation counselor depend on where and who they are working with. Through training, rehabilitation counselors are taught job development and placement, case and caseload management, employment and occupational management, research utilization, evaluation and assessment, problems and community engagement of special populations, medical and psychosocial information, as well as individual and group counciling.* The responsibilities can cover any of these topics, and often involve being able to handle people effectively while being empathic enough to understand where they are emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

What Skills or Training are Required to Become a Rehabilitation Counselor?

Rehabilitation counselor is a growing field.* Despite this, there are no specific undergraduate degrees for rehabilitation counseling.* Instead, many people major in something similar to rehabilitation counseling before going on to a master’s degree the field. In addition to education, some states and programs require specific licensing while others require appropriate certification.*

What are Wages and Job Security Like for a Rehabilitation Counselor?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage of a rehabilitation counselor comes to roughly 34 thousand dollars a year, or 16$ an hour.*1 With the rehabilitation and insurance growing, job security is seen as being good for this profession.*1 

Playing a crucial role in the community while providing a much-needed service is central to what rehabilitation counselors do. In addition, many people who began as rehabilitation counselors continued on to become leaders in many prominent organizations, where they would go on to support basic human rights and civil rights for those with disabilities.


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