The Salary of a Counselor

There are several different types of counselors with different responsibilities and duties.  As roles differ, this is the reason that their salary or package is quite different from one another. The different types of counselors include education counselors, vocational counselors, marriage and family counselors, mental health counselors, business counselors, rehabilitation counselors and several more. Depending on the type of role and responsibilities they fulfill, the package varies. Let us have a look at the various factors which affect the counselor salary.   

Based on location

One of the biggest factors that affect the counselor salary is the location. Depending on the location, the salary is decided by the company. If you are working in big cities, the package is typically higher as compared to the small cities. Also there are generally better chances of growth in the metro cities and that is why some people prefer to work in the big cities. So you may say that location determines the salary which is offered to the people*.

Based on experience

The counselor’s salary also depends on the experience of the individuals. If you are new to the field, your package may be average. But if you have experience, it may certainly be higher. So depending on the kind of experience that you hold, it may determine your job responsibilities as well as the salary. Once you have years of experience, there are better opportunities that you may avail and even your package also increases by leaps and bounds. Therefore, your experience is also an important criterion to decide the salary of the counselors*.

Based on the roles and job duties

Nowadays there are different types of counselors who accomplish the different roles. Based on their duties and responsibilities also, the salary is decided. The package is typically higher for the business counselors because they have a higher demand in the market and have to fulfill lots of responsibilities. So depending upon the type of duties which the counselors have to perform, their salary is also decided accordingly. Salaries may range anywhere from $24,000-$100,000 on average. Of course, some people may be earning more or less than the average depending on the field of counseling they choose to pursue**.

Thus it may be said that there are several factors which have an effect on the counselor salary. So if you are planning to be a counselor, make sure that you carry out a little research and find out the job prospects of the different counselors. In this way, you may be able to take the right decision for your career and explore better opportunities to grow.  



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