Top 11 Counseling Schools in the US

Counseling is becoming one of the most wanted professions by a large number of students passing each year. To cater to this demand there are several institutes which offer courses in the field of counseling. In this article we will be talking about top 11 counseling schools of US which offer online as well as regular courses, and three schools which offer exclusive online courses in counseling.                                

Top 11 Counseling Schools in the US are*:

1. University of Phoenix

College of Social Sciences offer both a Bachelor and Master`s degree in human psychology, and is one of the most reputed schools for counseling.

2. University of Florida

It offers courses in counseling through two different colleges which are School Of Special Education, School Psychology, And Early Childhood Studies, and The School Of Human Development And Organizational Studies In Education. Florida University is highly reputed university and there is a lot of competition for admission.

3. Texas A&M University

This university is worth mentioning because of its great location, and it offers courses in counseling through its prestigious college named College Of Education And Human Development.

4. Walden University

Walden University has a dedicated school for counseling i.e. College Of Social And Behavioral Sciences, and offers Master’s and Doctorate courses from two schools, namely, School Of Counseling And Social Service and School of Psychology.

5. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University is one of the most reputed universities in the states. The school emphasizes integrating counseling applications, with a commitment to service as well as multiculturalism.

6. New York University

A lot of courses are offered by NY University, and they are offered by School Of Continuing And Professional Studies, The Paul McGhee division. It offers bachelors and associate degrees in counseling and is known for the quality of courses.

7. Capella University

Courses in counseling are offered by two different schools under Capella University, namely School Of Undergraduate Studies and Harold Abel School of Social And Behavioral Sciences. It also has two different departments i.e. Department of Counseling and Department of Psychology. Department of counseling is known for master, certificate and doctorate degrees.

8. University of Houston

University of Houston is known for its bachelors and masters courses in counseling and is well recognized. It attracts a lot of students who stay nearby.

9. Grand Canyon University

This university offers courses in counseling through a very prestigious school, which is College Of Arts And Sciences, and a lot of students look forward to admission in this school.

10. Temple University

Fox school of business offers MBA which covers some parts of organizational psychology.

11. University of North Texas

University of North Texas is a renowned university, known for its quality of teaching and is considered a great place to study.

Generally, students look forward to joining these schools and choose their professions according to their interests.



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