Top Counseling Schools in California

Being a hub of counseling schools, California offers graduate courses in counseling through 110 counseling schools. Annually, around 5300 students graduate from these schools. The annual tuition fee is approximately $10k. The largest counseling school in California is ICDC College which is located in Los Angeles. Every year around 5% of total students graduate from ICDC College. Usually graduates from these colleges choose their career as counselors. At present, there are around 35,300 counselors in California State and the number is expected to increase to 40,000 by 2018.

The median salary of a counselor in California is around $60k, maximum salary can be more than $90k. There are a lot of schools in California and a few of recognized schools are:

  • California State University- Fullerton

The counseling department of this university is well recognized and Masters of Science counseling program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related and Educational Programs (CACREP). This program takes care of 63 units and enables student to seek the Marriage and Family therapist license[1].

  • East Los Angeles College

ELAC is one of the top counseling schools in California, The counseling department is headed by Daniel and Ornelas and they are one of the best counselors in the town. The course is known for its quality and attracts a lot of students worldwide[2]

  • California State University-Northridge

This university has one of the best education psychology and counseling departments in the town. One can become a counselor in educational institution and develop his or her career. The department is headed by Professor Shari Tarver Behring and he is a well renowned professor. The department offers courses in School Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy and College Counseling[3].

  • California State University-Long Beach

This university offers MS program in school psychology and is one of the most renowned universities in California. This course allows you to work in primary, middle and high school as a counselor[4].

  • American River College

Located in Sacramento, the school of Behaviors and Social Sciences includes several fields of study which focus on the study of behavior of humans and other animals. It combines both academic and practical applications to give students hands-on learning in the field[5].

These are just five of the many great schools in California you may be able to choose from when deciding where you would like to earn your counseling degree. If earning your degree in counseling is something you are considering, you may want to do your research on several different schools to find the one which may be right for you.



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