Top Counseling Schools in the Midwest

There are a lot of renowned counseling schools in Midwest and because of the quality of education in the Midwest; there is a lot of competition for getting admission in these counseling schools. To name a few top counseling schools in the Midwest, they are[1]:

1. University of Missouri- Columbia

This university offers an Education and Counseling Psychology degree to its students interested in the field. The program is a graduate program with an emphasis on counseling psychology, educational psychology, health education, and school. Upon completion, graduates may be able to work in a wide range of settings, including colleges, public schools, clinics, hospitals and government services[2].

2. Ohio State University

With a focus on counseling psychology, Ohio State University gives its students a focus on persons with adjustment problems, rather than on severe psychological disorders (which is what clinical psychologists do). Graduates may be employed in academic settings, private practices, mental health clinics, and related environments[3].

3. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa offers a doctoral program in counseling psychology, and has been an accredited program since 1980. They focus on both the science and practice of counseling, and have a long history of achievement of both faculty and students alike. Upon completion, students may expect to find employment in a variety of areas[4].

4. University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

The Counseling Psychology program at U of M is APA accredited and provides a unique and broad foundation in psychology and counseling. Some of the main emphases include social psychology, multicultural issues and work adjustment. This is a graduate training program and is committed to professional counseling development, among other core principles[5].

5. University of Illinois- Urbana/Champaign

University of Illinois offers a PhD in counseling psychology based upon a scientist-practitioner method. This means, the program is viewed as research and practice act as interdependent mediums. A high priority is put on multicultural understanding outlined by the APA. The program generally takes 5-7 years to complete[6].

There are a lot of other colleges in the Midwest which are known for their counseling courses. In Midwest, approximately 370 courses are available in the field of counseling.  A lot of students may want to opt for these courses and choose counseling as their career which leads to a lot of competition.



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