Top Online Counseling Schools

Counseling schools are most important while students are out on the search for online degrees in psychology and counseling. Whether it is a traditional campus institution or an online school, there is a demand for quality education.

Some online counseling schools which offer online degrees in counseling include*:

  • Capella University

This is a private online institution which is specifically designed for experienced working professionals. This is based in Minneapolis and also has been awarded many certificates for excellence in education. Some include addiction counseling, family counseling, health counseling, human behavior and more. The tuition fees are nominal and education provided is quality.

  • Wake Forest University

It is a university which focuses on providing excellent counseling programs in humanities oriented fields. The college is mainly known for its reputation and quality of programs. It focuses on providing caring counselors and human service professionals. The tuition for this school is not high and also the ranking is as good as #27 in the USA. Hence it is one of the best colleges in the field.

  • University of Massachusetts

This has been a pioneer in the adoption of web based education among its peers and fellow colleagues. It offers courses like a Mental Health Counseling program which is an affordable and strong option for prospective counselors who seek high and strongly reputed programs. The price is also affordable. It is one the most affordable program available in the country.

  • Seton Hall University

This is a Roman Catholic school which is known as one of the oldest Catholic schools in the country. This university recently decided to offer online programs which have been a major success. Their academic history is being expanded to the World Wide Web. There are also on site residency programs which may be undertaken after the online course is complete. The ranking of this particular school is around #131 among US universities.

  • Walden University

This is a highly experienced university with more than 40 years of operation and also it is a private online for-profit institute. It supports a total of 46,500 academic adult learners to achieve their goals. It has the position of about #80 among the other universities. The program is modified culturally and contextually based on scholar-practitioner model. They also provide Marriage, Couple and Family counseling which are in high demand in the market.

  • Liberty University

This is a large evangelical university and it is a prominent university of its kind providing online programs. This Christian University focuses on helping students develop a mastery of professional theory of counseling and gives practice in Christian ethical values. This is one of the most affordable counseling degree programs and also ranked around #65.

  • Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon is located in the heart of Phoenix and provides online education for professional students. Fortune magazine recognized this university among its top 5 and ranks 63rd among the nationwide online programs. It is a professional school which aims to produce learners, global citizens, leaders, critical thinkers and more.

Some of these schools listed above also rank among the top most affordable online schools in the country**.



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