University of California—Counseling

Enrollment at the University of California is an exciting time for new students. But it can also be one of the most intimidating and overwhelming experiences they’ve ever had.

That is why the University has established the University of California counselors program to help existing and first-time students chart their way to the curriculum of their choice and ensure the successful completion of their degree program. There is no reason why any student should not be able to seek out relevant and knowledgeable assistance for their academic needs.

The University of California Counselors Program

Transitioning from a junior college or high school to a four-year University can be difficult, and it falls onto the shoulders of the college admissions counselor to assist students make the transition as smooth as possible.

The University of California faculty and staff want every student to get the help and guidance they need on admissions day and beyond. In support of that effort the University works closely with high school and junior college colleagues and partners to counsel graduating students on the admissions process.

Every academic year they rely on their colleagues and partners to advise and motivate students as they interact with the University of California application and student selection process.

Resources and Workshops

High school and junior college counselors, teachers, deans and principles who advise graduating students about their options for pursuing higher education are encouraged to attend one of our day-long Counselor conferences so that they can receive the most current information about University of California admissions and financial aid.

These conferences are held every September and they are designed to help student advisors to learn the critical information they need to help their students make the best possible choices.

College Admissions Counseling Certification

Student advisors who receive formal training and earn a certificate in college admissions counseling are better equipped with the expertise and knowledge needed to help students with the admissions process. The certificate is designed to provide training in the following areas:

  • How students are chosen by colleges
  • Understanding registration deadlines for public and private schools
  • Obtaining financial aid
  • Identifying opportunities for special talents students and athletes
  • Assisting underrepresented students
  • Adhering to testing calendar deadlines
  • Helping students with college entrance exam preparation

Once certified, student advisors can offer useful information to graduating students destined for the University of California.


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