Who Will I Be Counseling?

If you are looking to get a career in counseling, one of the burning questions you may be asking yourself is who will I counsel and what sort of people will be coming into my office?

Many of the patients you will see don't actually want to be there, as many will have been coerced into going by family and friends. These patients are often alcoholics or drug addicts that will not realize they have a problem as they tend to only see the problem from within. When they arrive in your office or surgery, you as a counselor will have to decide whether the partner, friend or loved one that has accompanied them will be a positive influence on your session.  

More often than not, it is a good idea to keep the friend or loved one in the session for a short introductory period and then to ask them to leave so that you can counsel the person on a one to one basis. Some of the patients you will see as a counselor will be emotionally scarred people who have recently gone through or are currently experiencing a difficult phase in their lives.

You will work with people that are divorced, bereaved or going through a relationship break up and your role will be to listen and offer advice on how to rebuild and repair their often fragile state of mind. Counselors can work in many different fields. An example of where you might find a counselor is in a university or college. Many students will regularly go through difficult times when they are studying for exams, going through relationships with fellow students, being bullied or having difficulty finding friends. Almost every college and large university in America has a counselor that is made available to help students going through a tough time at school.

Moreover, as many of the students in colleges and universities are young or of adolescent age, you may well find as a counselor that you will be working with vulnerable people at a critical time in their lives. 

Some counsellors will be employed specifically in certain areas such as marriage guidance. A marriage guidance counselor will often work with both partners as well as seeing them on an individual basis. Counsellors are often employed in the workplace at large companies and will work with stressed out employees or overworked managers.


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